Canby Lancer Wrestling Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 3 Wabasso-RRC/United @ Canby
​Saturday, Dec. 5 ACGC Tourney @ Grove City
Friday, Dec. 11 TMB-WWG @ Canby

Tuesday, Dec. 15 @ Minneota

Fri.-Sat., Dec. 18-19 Redwood Riot Tourney
Tuesday, Dec. 22 BOLD/Windom @ Windom
Wednesday, Dec. 30 Foley Tournament @ Foley

Thursday, Jan. 7 Waconia/St. Peter @ Waconia

Friday, Jan. 8 Osakis Tournament @ Osakis

Thursday Jan. 14 Quad County @ Granite Falls

Friday, Jan. 15 KMS Tournament @ Kerkhoven

Tuesday, Jan. 19 Adrian @ Adrian
Thursday, Jan. 21  JCC @ Canby
Thursday, Jan. 28 Pipestone @ Pipestone

Saturday, Jan. 30 Border Boys Tourney@ Canby
Sibley East, Minneota, Holdingford, Luverne, Anoka
Friday, Feb. 5 GSL-Lester Prairie @ Canby

Thursday, Feb. 11 Section 3A Team Tournament @ TBD

Saturday, Feb. 13 Section 3A Final Four @ Redwood Falls

Fri/Sat, Feb. 19/20 Section 3A Individual Tournament @ Canby

Thur/Sat., Feb. 25-27 State Wrestling Tournament

Thursday, Dec. 4 TMB-WWG @ Tracy
Friday, Dec. 5 Wabasso-RRC/United@ Lamberton
Friday, Dec. 12 Pipestone/Ortonville @ Canby
Tuesday, Dec. 16 Benson @ Benson
Fri.-Sat., Dec. 19-20 Redwood Riot Tourney
Canby 7th out of 32 teams

Cole Regnier 4th
Travis Dinius 5th
Jack Citrowske 6th
Konnor King 6th
Justin Merritt 7th
Quentin Beiningen 7th
Tuesday, Dec. 30 Morris/Pelican Rapids @ Canby
Canby 51 Pelican-Rapids 13
Canby 51 MAHACA 15

Saturday, Jan. 3 Foley Tournament @ Foley
Canby was 9th out of 16 teams

Quentin Beiningen 3rd
Konnor King 4th
Cole Regnier 4th
Adam Evenson 4th
Travis Dinius 5th
Justin Merritt 6th
Billy Deslauriers 7th
Preston Snobl 8th
Gavin Benz 8th
Tuesday, Jan. 6 BOLD/Windom @ Olivia- cancelled
Friday, Jan. 16 Adrian @ Canby
Canby 19 Adrian 44
Tuesday, Jan. 20 Minneota @ Canby
Canby 13 Minneota 46
Saturday, Jan. 24 Lancer Wrestling Extravaganza @ Canby
Thursday, Jan. 29 KMS/ACGC @ Kerkhoven
Canby 33 ACGC 27
Canby 13 KMS 49

Saturday, Jan. 31 Border Boys Tourney@ Canby
Tuesday, Feb. 3 Windom @ Canby
Canby 29 Windom 28
Friday, Feb. 6 GSL-Lester Prairie/Quad County @ Canby
Canby 38 GSL-Lester Prairie 32
Canby 40 Quad County 22

Thursday, Feb. 12 Section 3A Team Tournament @ KMS
Canby 12 KMS 49

Fri/Sat, Feb. 20/21 Section 3A Individual Tournament @ Windom
Section 3A Individual Brackets

Jack Citrowske 3rd
Justin Merritt 4th
Billy Deslauriers 4th
Adam Evenson 4th
Payton Viessman 5th
Cole Regnier 5th
Noah Scott 6th
Nick Antony 6th
Kyler Jelen 6th

Thursday, Dec. 5 TMB @ Canby
Saturday, Dec. 7 Watertown Tourney
Thursday, Dec. 12 Redwood Valley @ Canby
Saturday, Dec. 14 Watertown Tourney
Fri.-Sat., Dec. 20-21 Redwood Riot Tourney
Christian Full 2nd
Wyatt Johansen 4th
Quentin Beiningen 5th
Jack Citrowske 5th
Cole Regnier 5th
Konnor King 7th
Thursday, Jan. 2 Quad County @ Granite Falls
Canby 45 Quad County 17

Saturday, Jan. 4 Foley Tournament @ Foley
Christian Full 2nd
Quentin Beiningen 3rd
Wyatt Johansen 5th
Cole Regnier 5th
Jack Citrowske 6th
Adam Evenson 7th
Brett Jelen 8th
Billy Deslauriers 8th
Luke Jelen 8th

Thursday, Jan. 9 Dassel-Cokato/Pipestone @ Canby
Saturday, Jan. 11 Milbank Tourney
Friday, Jan. 17 BOLD @ Canby
Tuesday, Jan. 21 Adrian @ Adrian
Thursday, Jan. 23 Ortonville @ Ortonville
Saturday, Jan. 25 Waconia/Chaska @ Waconia
Canby 22 KMS 35

Saturday, Feb. 1 Barnesville/Wabasso-RRC/Benson @ Canby
Friday Feb. 7 United @ Dawson
Canby 21 United 35

Thursday Feb. 13 Section 3A Team Tournament
Canby 12 KMS 40

Fri/Sat Feb. 21/22 Section 3A Individual Tournament
Section 3A Individual Brackets
Christian Full 1st
Jack Citrowske 3rd
Adam Evenson 3rd
Konnor King 4th
Quentin Beiningen 4th
Cole Regnier 4th
Payton Viessman 6th
Wyatt Johansen 6th
Michael Petersen 6th
Bryce Gorder 6th

Fri/Sat Feb. 28/Mar. 1 State Individual Tournament
Christian Full DNP


Saturday, Dec. 1 Watertown Tourney
Thursday, Dec. 6 TMB-WWG @ Tracy
Saturday, Dec. 8 Watertown Tourney
Fri.-Sat., Dec. 14-15 Redwood Riot Tourney
Quentin Beiningen placed 6th
Brock Nothem placed 7th
Nick Stoks placed 8th
Austin Campbell placed 5th
Christian Full placed 6th
Friday, Dec. 21 Dassel-Cokato and Big Lake @ Dassel
Friday, Dec. 28 Montevideo Roder Tourney
 Wyatt Johansen placed 3rd
Konnor King placed 2nd
Nick Antony placed 6th
Jack Citrowske placed 2nd
Billy Deslauriers placed 3rd
Brock Nothem placed 2nd
Nick Stoks placed 2nd
Austin Campbell placed 5th
Hayden Goplen placed 6th
Christian Full placed 2nd
Cole Regnier placed 2nd
Adam Evenson placed 5th
Saturday, Jan. 5 Milbank Tourney
Tuesday, Jan. 8 BOLD and Paynesville @ Olivia
Saturday, Jan. 12 Wabasso Tourney
Thursday, Jan. 17 Minneota and Ortonville @ Canby
Thursday, Jan. 24 Redwood Valley @ Redwood Falls
Saturday, Jan. 26 Lancer Wrestling Extravaganza Waconia and St. James
Canby 33 St. James 27
Thursday, Jan. 31 KMS @ Canby-cancelled
Tuesday, Feb. 5 Benson and Quad County @ Canby
Friday, Feb. 8 DB-LQPV @ Canby
Thursday, Feb. 14 Team Sections @ Canby
Sat., Feb 23 Individual Sections @ Pipestone
John Deslauriers 2nd
Christian Full 2nd
Nick Stoks 3rd
Jack Citrowske 4th
Quentin Beiningen 4th
Konnor King 5th
Wyatt Johansen 6th
Billy Deslauriers 6th
Brock Nothem 6th
Bryce Gorder 6th
Adam Evenson 6th
State Wrestling Tournament
John Deslauriers DNP
Christian Full DNP

Varsity and JV
Saturday, Dec. 3   Watertown Tourney
Saturday, Dec. 10   Watertown Tourney
Tuesday, Dec. 13   TMB @ Tracy
Fri-Sat., Dec. 16-17   Redwood Riot Tourney
Canby placed 11th out of 28 teams
Quentin Beiningen 5th
Nick Stoks 5th
Cedric Citrowske 3rd
Chris Kaddatz 4th
Friday, Dec. 30   Montevideo Roder Tourney
Quentin Beiningen 2nd
Jack Citrowske 2nd
Nick Stoks 2nd
John Deslauriers 1st
Cedric Citrowske 1st
Matt Jelen 2nd
Friday, Jan. 6  Ortonville/Bold  @ Canby

Saturday, Jan. 7   Milbank Tourney

Thursday, Jan. 12   Minneota @ Minneota

Saturday, Jan. 14   Wabasso Tourney
Friday, Jan. 20   MACCRAY-RCW/Montevideo @ Canby
Thursday, Jan. 26   KMS @ Kerkhoven
Saturday, Jan. 28   Lancer Wrestling Extravaganza 
Friday, Feb. 3   YME @ Granite Falls
Friday, Feb. 10 Benson @ Benson
Thursday, Feb. 16   Team Sections
Saturday, Feb. 18   Team Section Final Four
Fri-Sat., Feb. 24-25   Individual Sections @ Canby

Chris Kaddatz 1st

David Bursack 3rd

John Deslauriers 3rd

Christian Full 4th

Cedric Citrowske 5th

Matt Jelen 6th

Jack Citrowske 6th

Thur-Sat., Mar. 1-3   State Tourney
 Chris Kaddatz DNP

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